User Experience Lab

The Interactive Media User Experience (UX) Lab at the University of Miami is an academic-based research facility that supports interdisciplinary research on understanding how people use information systems. Its main function is to inform web, mobile, gaming, and software interface design based on human attitudes, emotions, and performance data. A variety of research methods are used to collect and analyze findings, including focus groups, ethnography, participatory design, expert reviews, usability testing, and eye-tracking.

The UX Lab was designed to support the University of Miami’s M.F.A. in Interactive Media and provides educational opportunities to students who are focused on obtaining careers in User Experience and Interaction Design. We also offer a full range of UX research services to internal and external clients.

The UX Lab is an academic-based research lab that provides the following services:

  • Usability Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Expert Review
  • Eye Tracking Evaluation
  • Design Research (Interviews, Focus Groups, Survey, Card Sorts)
  • HCI Research

The UX Lab features:

  • Eye-tracking data using a Tobii X60 eye tracker and Tobii Studio software
  • Event logging
  • Professional audio/video control and recording equipment
  • Mobile observation equipment (camera and platform)
  • Observation room with a one-way mirror and multiple monitors to display participants’ screen, live eye gaze views and other video feeds to facilitate observation


We offer a number of usability research and testing services. Please contact Dr. Millet for more information at


Our team of experienced UX researchers is passionate about creating great user experiences for our clients.

Barbara Millet, PhD
UX Lab Director
Deb Pang Davis
Graduate Research Assistant
Maria Aguillar
Graduate Research Assistant
Qinyu Ding
Graduate Research Assistant


Send us a message if you have any questions regarding any of the UX Research services we offer, or if you have any comments/questions concerning the website and/or our lab.

Barbara Millet, Ph.D.
UX Lab Director
Phone: (305) 274-1084