B.S.C. in Interactive Media


The Interactive Media major addresses the growing need for communicators who fluidly combine design, technology, visual arts and research to help stimulate comprehension and integration of technology into every aspect of daily life. This program will produce graduates who, in addition to being innovative and interdisciplinary, are responsive to cross-sector dynamics and therefore are industry ready.


The major in Interactive Media will provide students with expertise in designing and analyzing products and systems, incorporating rich interaction through the use of computational power.

Student Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to enhance our students’ abilities to:

  • Conceptualize communication models based on possibilities offered by emerging technologies.
  • Evaluate user experiences by conducting usability testing.
  • Understand business models and the metrics driving online business models. 
  • Research, analyze, prototype and design concepts from concept to launch.
  • Realize business goals with elegant and intuitive interactive designs.
  • Conceive, research, synthesize, and implement creative solutions to complex problems posed by emerging technologies.
  • Master dynamic communication techniques that give control to the user rather than the computer.
  • Embrace, integrate and adapt quickly to a variety of disciplines in technology, art, design, science, education, healthcare and business.
  • Learn to work in teams and manage projects.