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Conversations with Alberto Cairo

Our investigator Alberto Cario talks about his latest book “How Charts Lie”, about teaching data visualization, and also about hurricane map misinterpretations in a broader context of visualization misinterpretation.

COVID-19 and how charts lie

In this interview, our investigator Alberto Cairo discusses how tables compare to charts in terms of “lying”, how to strike the best balance between showing the details and overwhelming the audience, and what behaviors or habits should we develop to improve our visualizations.

Hurricane Dorian: What exactly does the cone that predicts the passage of a cyclone tell us and why do so many people misinterpret it?

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But it's not always like this.” The cone of uncertainty, a popular storm prediction map produced by NHC which demonstrates different storm data, is often misinterpreted by many members of the public. The Hurakan group found that 40% of people do not feel threatened if they live outside the cone. The article explains what the map is and what causes the confusion.

Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Through the infographic, our investigator talks about common misinterpretations about the National Hurricane Center’s map, how the map is designed, as well as why it needs to be read closely and carefully.