Report hazardous conditions in your area to emergency responders in just a matter of seconds.

Civen empowers citizens to take charge of their safety by facilitating communication with emergency responders. With just a few clicks, you can notify them of incidents such as flooding, burst pipes and potholes in your area.

Behind the App

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Reporting hazardous conditions can be a headache. Between having to find the right person to call to being put on hold for hours, reporting emergencies can quickly become a burden. Civen looks to solve this problem by approaching incident and service reporting with cutting-edge technology that engages citizens and allows them to contribute to their community.



We wanted to build an app that would facilitate dialogue between citizens and their government. Our app empowers citizens and allows them to quickly and efficiently submit reports on problems affecting them and the area surrounding them. Meanwhile, government employees are able to gain a better understanding of the problems affecting their constituents.



Our powerful, real-time map allows citizens to report incidents affecting them within seconds. They can also view reports submitted in their area, informing them of surrounding hazardous conditions. Emergency responders are alerted in real time so that they can address reports more efficiently.

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Easy & Efficient Reporting

Notify service providers and emergency responders with just a few clicks. No more needing to look through countless websites to find the right phone number to call or waiting on hold for hours. Because the reporting happens in real time, emergency responders are immediately notified of the issue and can work to address it faster.


Engage with your Community

Make a difference in your community. View and report new hazardous conditions such as sinkholes, floods and burst pipes on our powerful real-time map. By becoming a contributor to Civen, you will be actively helping your community be better and safer.


Powered by the Latest Technology

File reports in seconds using our user-friendly app. You can add voice messages, videos and pictures to each report, leaving no space for error. By integrating with multiple other weather and reporting applications, Civen is able to aggregate data from and into multiple powerful platforms such as the Sea Level Rise App.

Experience Civen

  • CivEn was built using feedback from:
    - emergency responders
    - dispatchers
    - community leaders
    - city officials.

  • Use the prototype on the right to test the application

A Few Use Cases


Reporting a Power Outage in your Area

Anyone who has called the power and lighting company has experienced the long wait times. Skip the hassle and report power outages and down lines with a few clicks.


Reporting a Flooded Road

Flooded roads are dangerous and end up costing you a lot of money. With Civen, you can quickly submit a report on flooded areas as you encounter them. With just a few clicks, you will have contributed to your community by notifying the proper authorities and informing approaching drivers.


Authorities Keeping Track of Service Alerts

Responders can easily keep track of service alerts in one central platform and prioritize requests efficiently.