BPrep prevents and minimizes interruptions to small business operations caused by weather emergencies.

By centralizing communications in one easy to use app, BPrep streamlines the process of contacting staff members during an emergency situation, allowing business owners to save time and resources.


Behind the App

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Small business owners don’t often have the resources to setup a complex emergency messaging system. BPrep is focused on facilitating communication between owners and employees before and during a weather emergency, automating important processes that save business owners time and money.



Prior to BPrep, small business owners had limited options when it came to preparing for floods and organizing their workplace for a weather emergency. By focusing on communication, our clients can better prepare for a weather emergency, stay up to date with their employees and minimize losses resulting from a flood.



By using multiple weather APIs in conjunction with the Sea Level Rise app, BPrep is able to get the latest weather and flood alerts within seconds. This allows us to provide clients with the latest information and give them enough time to prepare and get organized.

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Alerts Tailored to your Business

Don't waste another valuable second writing messages to employees and managers when they could be structured and automated. Our pre-set templates allow you to send messages with one button and customize them as you need, taking away the guess work in emergency preparedness.


Seamless Integration

Uploading contacts and setting up your business' emergency plan is a breeze with our quick and easy setup. Simply upload a Google Sheet with all your contact information or follow our manual add process. Within minutes, all your staff's emergency contact information is stored in a central and secure database that will be up and running, rain or shine.


Connecting with Your Team: One Button Away

It's as easy as one, two, three. An alert will appear in your screen prompting you to activate your emergency plan when a flood is imminent. Simply follow the steps to get in contact with your employees in a matter of seconds. All with one click.

Experience BPrep

A Few Use Cases


Small Business Owner

Typically, small business owners do not have the resources to invest in a traditional emergency messaging system, which leaves a large gap in their preparedness plans. When a flood happens, it can become difficult to get in contact with staff which can result in exposing employees to hazardous situations and losing valuable business. By creating a system that centralizes all communications in one easy, accessible and affordable app, BPrep helps small business owners minimize inefficiencies, save time and resources while keeping their employees safe and informed.


Store Manager

When it comes to larger operations, managers must make quick, cost-effective decisions, and communicate them to all employees expeditiously. BPrep cuts through the red tape and allows managers to set up a system plan within minutes with the tools they are already using to manage their employees.



When a flood happens, employees have different concerns, from picking up children from school to figuring out the safest route home. BPrep’s employee check-in system facilitates simple two-way conversations that help managers and business owners stay up to date on the status of their employees.