On a High Note

On a High Note is an interactive user experience that merges symphonic performances, art, and innovations in neurotechnology.

We are a group of students in the M.F.A. in Interactive Media program at the University of Miami. For our CoLab class Corpus Callosum, in partnership with Frost Science and New World Symphony, presented us with a challenge to create an audience experience that shows how the brain reacts to music for a museum environment. Corpus Callosum is a 2015 South Florida Knight Arts Challenge Winner.

For four months we researched, designed, prototype and developed different concepts. At the end of the process we designed a special event to be held at Frost Science Museum that immerses the audience in the world of neuroscience and shows them how the brain reacts to a concert by New World Symphony transmitted in real-time.


Immersive Learning

As attendees arrive they will be immersed in a hands-on environment explaining how music impacts the brain. This area provides the science and context for the experience. It explores how the brain works, how it processes sensory information and emotions, EEG technology, and how the brain reacts to music, specifically classical music.


Planetarium Experience

After exploring information about music and the brain, attendees will move into an experience within the Frost Science Museums planetarium. As they move into the planetarium, they will be given heart rate monitors and led to their seats. Once the experience beings, attendees will see a 360 projection on the dome of a volunteer's brain reaction to the music played over at New World Center in real-time. The audience’s reaction to the experience will be measured through their heart rate and will be displayed on the dome of the planetarium in real-time as another layer of visualization.


After the planetarium experience

When the planetarium experience comes to an end, the audience will be led out of the planetarium and have the chance to view their wristband data (heart rate). This area will consolidate the concepts presented throughout the experience, presenting the audience with a tangible representation of all the data collected and give them the opportunity to speak to experts in the field.