Minor Curriculum

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Students must complete at least 15 credits:

Core (6 credits)

CIM 111 – WebLab (3 credits)

This course takes a practical approach to web development through the use of content management systems. Students will learn how to create and customize a dynamic website that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content through from a central interface.

CIM 211 – Interaction Design (3 credits)

In this class students will familiarize themselves with the disciplines of user experience (UX) and interaction design (IxD) by understanding and learning how to apply creative and abstract thinking skills to facilitate communication through the design of interfaces that connect information, products, services, and space. Students will be taught to prototype rich interactive experiences for products, environments, systems, and services and evaluate them by assessing ease of use, utility, perception of the value of the system, and efficiency in performing tasks.


Programming Core (3 or 4 credits) (select one of the following)

CIM 540 – Intro to Creative Coding (3 credits)

This course will teach students the basics of programming using Processing. Processing is a language created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas of MIT. It was created to make computer programming accessible to people who might imagine it but do not always have the skills to execute it, thus making it an excellent tool to teach programing concepts to designers. Processing gives students immediate results allowing them to easily create beautiful, interactive graphics. Read about processing at: http://processing.org/about/ Credits: 3 Principal instructor: Clay Ewing Semester offered: Fall


EEN 118 Introduction to programming (3 credits)

Introduction to computing, problem solving, program design, C++ language fundamentals, and software
engineering principles. Software design projects are included.


CSC 120 – Computer Programming 1 (4 credits)

History of computing. Fundamental programming constructs. Algorithms and problem solving. Object-oriented programming. Recursion.


Specialization (6 credits)

STC 102 Graphic Design for Advertising I
JMM 108 Writing for the Digital Age
CIM 126 Introduction to Screenwriting (Prereq: CMP 103 or CEM 102, and ENG 106)
JMM 106 Multimedia Design
CIM 151 Introduction to Digital Production
STC 202 Graphic Design for Advertising II (Prereq: CAD 102)
CIM 471 Social Impact Games
CIM 593 Dynamic Data (Prereq: Graduate standing or permission of instructor)
CIM 310 Introduction to Game Design
CIM 550 Motion Graphics and Compositing

JMM 435 Media Technology (Prereq: Junior standing)
CIM 544 Media Activism (Prereq: Junior standing)
CIM 542 Physical Computing and Prototyping
CIM 545 Managing Interactive Media Projects
CIM 590 Building Interfaces
CIM 594 Mobile Application Development
CIM 513 UX Research Methods