Design Challenge #2 Five in Five

Five in Five Project: Creative Video Clip of Inanimate Objects

Constraints: 1. Inanimate Objects that I use every day

2. Taking photos from the objects’ view angle to tell a story.

First Stage: Brainstorming

When I started to think about this design challenge project, the first thing came across my mind is inanimate objects and products that I use every day. So what about try to use different food’s color to represent my daily life content? Or maybe use different food’s color to represent my feelings of that day?

However, some of these food’s color is quite difficult to record, for example, salt and sugar, soy milk and milk. Then I started to think what about some objects that I use every day? Like smartphone, bottle and computer? Since I am always keen on taking photos, especially finding some very weird and unique view angles, I suddenly feel I could put these idea on these objects. Let them tell their daily story from their view angles.

Second Stage: Testing

IMG_2447 IMG_2489 IMG_2515 IMG_2576

I wanted to test whether shooting photos or videos from the view angle of objects will have a diverting outcome. So I planned to choose my shoes as an example to test my idea.

On Friday, I went to the Univision, which is a Spanish broadcasting company to have a group meeting with interactive group members. But before go to this meeting, I had to go to school to meet my classmates and my professor, for Professor Cairo would give us a ride to Univision.

Therefore I chose Friday to shoot my first test objects. The challenge is the height to shoot pictures. From the view angle of my shoes, I had to knee down for so many times. And when I knee down to take pictures, I felt a kind of embarrassed. I was afraid of my actions would be some kind of offensive for strangers. So I was really careful for specific conditions, like in the metro rail or bus.

Even though the process was tough, I found many interesting points when I took pictures. So I decided to start my project. I took photos in the kitchen to record an egg’s one daily life. The reason that I chose it was I always wonder what view angle of an egg will have when it breaks. In order to shoot that angle, I wrapped my smartphone with cling film and put it in the middle of the bowl. Then I broke the egg into the bowl.

The next day I took photos and videos for my smartphone, laptop and bottle respectively. The challenge thing was I had to remember to take pictures for them every time I used them or took them out. Virtually, as I am used to using these objects without thinking, I felt easily to ignore them.

Third Stage: Editing and Designing

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.42.29 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.41.33 AM

After taking all of this pictures, the next thing to consider is how to present them creatively. At first, I just put them in timeline and inserted a pop song as background music. I tried to match the pictures with the beat of the music to make them look more consistently. However, it still lacked some emotion and storytelling things. A kind of boring.

My classmates Lulu and Eric suggested me to cut off some of the pictures and to add some interesting subtitle, like when an egg broke into the bowl, it will scream like”I don’t wanna die!” This sounds a wonderful idea.

So I added some subtitle to the video clip and the outcomes were great. The video now became more vivid and diverting.

Fourth Stage: Learning

From this process, I feel that taking advantage of the view angle of inanimate objects or products to tell a story is a fantastic way to launch new products or create interactive e-books. Sometimes just by changing the way we think of our products and our design, we could find something inspiring and sparking more creative ideas. Sometimes just by changing the view angle, we could discover a brand new and exciting experience and we might feel happy to jump out of our habitual thinking.